Gorazdze Group, in collaboration with the Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences from the Opole University, organized a new edition of a scientific seminar devoted to biodiversity protection issues at open mining sites.

The main theme of this year’s fourth edition was Pro-nature Land Reclamation and Inter-situ Protection on the Area of Mineral Resources Exploitation.  The conference was aimed at sharing the knowledge and experience of biologists on the occurrence and distribution of endangered species of flora and fauna at mineral extraction sites in southern Poland and in the Czech Republic. The second leading theme presented the major problems connected with reclamation of the mining areas with particular focus on pro-nature activities. Biologists presented results of their research work related to the influence of the extraction industry on the population of endangered species.  During the seminar an outdoor session was organized at the Gorazdze limestone quarry where, starting from 2005, Górażdże Cement SA in collaboration with biologists of the Opole University has been carrying out a “Program of Biodiversity Conservation of the Gorazdze Mining Site”. Participants of the seminar had the chance to learn the results of the 6-year research work conducted within the program as well as about quarry reclamation activities.  
The conference, which gathered biologists from major Polish universities, was a perfect opportunity to attract their interest in the Quarry Life Award. This international scientific competition of HeidelbergCement was presented by Michael Rademacher, Manager Biodiversity and Natural Resources GES, HeidelbergCement.

The event was attended by 40 participants, mainly biologists from several Polish universities (among others Opole University,  Jagiellonian University of Cracow, Nature University of Wrocław  and University of Ostrava (the Czech Republic) as well as representatives of local government, The State Forests Holding, environmental authorities and Gorazdze Cement staff responsible for quarry reclamation.