After six fruitful years of collaboration, HeidelbergCement and BirdLife International have renewed their global partnership which is based on shared values of promoting biodiversity while using natural resources sustainably.

The overall purpose of the partnership is to continue strengthening each organisation’s ability to achieve sustainable development and to provide better protection for biodiversity at local, national and international level.

It also aims at increasing scientific as well as public knowledge about the high value of quarries to biodiversity, e.g. by holding the Quarry Life Award.

The collaboration has already celebrated many successes like the safeguarding of Common Tern populations (Sterna hirundo). In Czech Republic, for example, floating concrete islands have been installed on water bodies in different quarries in Central Moravia. 15% of all Czech Common Terns now occupy these islands.

Building on such achievements, Birdlife will support HeidelbergCement in attaining the company’s Sustainability Commitments 2030.

An overview of projects realised by HeidelbergCement and BirdLife can be found here: